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A Prayer to God

Whenever there is tragedy among young people, it is hard for me not to feel sad for the families and friends.


In my situation, I have seen young people trying to deal with the grief of losing their friend in their own way. 


I’ve witnessed some of my late son’s friends on different occasions - they would gather in that area having fun in their own way. If I am in that area they would take time out to speak with me and my husband. I find it touching and helpful, especially when his friends say how much my son meant to them.


We hear of so many of these Knife and Gun crimes, yet I am still asking the question ...

What support is given to friends of the deceased? 

These young people are traumatized. They will put up a front as being tough- but they are scared and they feel pain just like the adults.


So often the friends and community, in general, are not taken into consideration, never mind the families who struggle to get the right support network. 


 May God help and bless us all, as we try to make sense of these senseless tragedies among our youths...

Today I pray for the right help to overcome the obstacles!

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