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An encounter for concern

Recently my friend and I were in Croydon, in the Whitgift Centre to be exact, giving out leaflets and promoting awareness of the crime that seems to plague our society.

We approached two middle aged women sitting on a bench in the centre; showing the flyer. Before we continued speaking one of the women said, "our children are not like that!" I looked at my friend and we both looked at each other, as if to say - what on earth did she mean - "Our children are not like that!"...

My friend, trying to recover said to me, "did you hear what the woman said!" We were completely taken a back as we couldn't understand what was said to us.

We may not come from the same culture but let's not stigmatise this, any crime affects all cultures in some way.

We continued in Croydon, giving out our leaflets but still pondered on what the woman said. The leaflets were an invitation to Community/Families that are affected by violent crime, to hear how they are affected and how we can support each other!

My question is: What are people's interpretation of 'Our children are not like that?"

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