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let go and let God

I have come too far to look back, it’s a new day before me...

All my trials through pains and hurts, I can still say- there’s a new day ahead of me.


I have learned to go through my fears, past hurts that have inflicted me on this journey of bereavement.

Thank God for that consciousness of when to ‘let go and let God’... Even if I cry but still be at peace with my fellow man.


Today I’m still saying, yesterday’s gone - today it is a brand new day for me. Today it is my new beginning to ‘let go and let God’.


During this time you will understand true friends, they stand by you, friends remember loved ones who have gone on!

I saw that displayed yesterday. My spirit was lifted up with the various messages and the presence of young and older adults.

Indeed God is good!

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