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Still coping despite the challenges

...Still going through my grief and pain, I am still able to encourage people by phone calls, visits sometimes (not able to do much of that now) and inspirational messages. I can smile through my situation, though hard it may be at times. I have a peace despite the pain - no man could and cannot give me.

It's been quite a challenging journey from 2014 until now.

I hadn't realised my life would come to this point, where I have to take much effort to do simple tasks and chores. There are times I would push myself, until I felt my body was so drained, as if my body is shutting down.

When I hear news of stabbings and the fatalities, it overwhelms me and cause me to become depressed. I feel it for the victims and families. No one feels that grief like a mother does.

I often consider how they are coping because it is an experience that can make you easily withdraw yourself from people, even your loved ones.

It is certainly easy for people to say "get over it". If it was that easy I wouldn't be Blogging.

If you are a parent, a mother or knows anyone who has been going through the ordeal of losing their loved one/s through this kind of tragedy, please be considerate and be patient with them.

Whatever you do, never let it appear as if you're patronising them.

Be real with them and never take the people who are going through this journey for granted. Trust me I can tell you, it's not an easy road...

But had it not been for God on my side, I would have given up long ago.

Thank you Lord for helping me!!

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