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The Struggle is Real

Work hard for what you want you will cherish them

Those of us who are trying to make a difference, can testify of the many struggles and setbacks we face. The reality is, we get them from within our own circle and outside.

I have made many sacrifices. The thoughts of fame or popularity is not my agenda. When there is genuine ambition to help others, sacrifices have to be made.

At the end of the day, we can only do our best and God will do the rest. He inspires me to do my part and He will do the increase.
“Listen young people, don’t be fooled by some promotions on Social Media trying draw your attention or captivating your minds. When you work hard for what you want you will cherish them”.

Things of excellence don’t come easy, working hard and honestly brings excellent achievements.

It is hard for young people to see their parents, especially from ethnic minorities struggle two to three jobs for the day to make ends meet, and it seems it’s not even enough. “Young people take education seriously; it isn’t easy, but strive to be successful individuals. Work hard and honestly to achieve your dreams rather than living in fear, looking over your shoulders, getting yourself killed or ending up in prison for what...??
I’m tired of the killings, too many young lives are lost because of reckless behaviour. Please value yourself and remember your parents. Parents are left to grieve from both sides, consider the sleepless nights and the pain and anguish you have caused or causing your family.
People (whether young or adult), when you value your life and you’ll not take another!!

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