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Understand  ‘Why’
Bereavement of any nature is a very sad time for Families

Lost of lives due to violence has become a plague in our society and people grieve their loss in different ways...

A mother who carried her child for nine months in the womb, nurtured that child to a certain age, then his or her life is cut short by an evil force (that had invaded somebody’s mind to take a life).
For me to live with that loss - it’s like a life sentence.


Do not misjudge families and friends who try to keep their loved ones memories.  

It is common amongst young people to remember their bereaved friend/s and so they deal with their loss in their own way.
Loss is not just for the families but for friends and communities and there is a grieving process.

Some people  go nitpicking on trivial things like, people leaving flowers or pictures to remember their loved ones.
It is common practice for young people, especially, to gather at the site where they feel connected to their loss.

There are greater things where we need to pay more attention, like addressing lack of support for disadvantaged young people and adults, addressing expulsion,  in schools amongst other issues young people experience. The system/s in place that should be looking after young people and their families are mostly focusing on what looks good on paper and looking after their own status...

To be continued..

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